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Bump Extrusions

Bump Extrusion

Bump extrusions, also known as tapered or stepped extrusions, involve tubing with two or more outer diameter sizes along its continuous length. The inner diameters can either remain constant or adopt a tapered configuration. Bump extrusions are versatile and can come in multi-lumen, co-extrusion, and tri-extrusion configurations.

Medical Extrusion Technologies excels in the manufacturing of bump extrusions, offering tailored solutions to meet specific requirements in medical and industrial applications. Leveraging our expertise in polymer extrusion, we produce tubing with varying outer diameters and can incorporate different lumens or materials along the length of the extrusion. This versatility makes bump extrusions suitable for applications such as transitional diameters, strain reliefs, and tapered tubes.

As a reliable partner, Medical Extrusion Technologies provides advanced extrusion capabilities and a commitment to quality, making us a preferred choice for those seeking innovative solutions involving bump extrusions.

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For over 30 years, Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.® has been your vertically integrated, full-service outsource partner, building a distinct reputation for delivering high-quality products in a timely fashion across every phase of the product development lifecycle for complex medical devices.

Specializing in the fabrication of single-lumen and multi-lumen tubing across a diverse range of thermoplastic materials, along with FEP heat shrink, sets us apart. Our clientele spans from startups and development houses to major device manufacturers, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Through our in-house tooling capabilities, we meticulously craft custom tubing tailored to your application. Committed to building enduring customer relationships, our focus remains steadfast on understanding and addressing your unique needs.

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