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With over 30 years of experience, Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.® is a pioneer in custom tubing extrusions.



For those seeking cutting-edge solutions in FEP heat shrink applications or intricate extrusion needs, Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc® welcomes you to contact us today for samples, showcasing the efficacy and quality of our advanced products. 

Standard FEP heat shrink and Scored FEP heat shrink

Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.® offers a scored FEP heat shrink that allows easier removal after recovery. This innovative approach streamlines removal after recovery, reducing removal time, and minimizes the risk of device damage during post-process removal. 

Unique Scored (Peelable) and Unique Peelable (Scored)

Setting a new standard, Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.® introduces a unique peelable (scored) FEP heat shrink. This innovative approach streamlines removal after recovery, reducing removal time, and minimizing the risk of device damage during post-process removal. 

Precision in Extrusion Techniques

  • Single and Multi-Lumen Configurations: Expertise in crafting close-tolerance single and multi-lumen geometries. 
  • Versatile Extruded Forms: Capability in para-tubing, profiles, ribbons, beading, and more. 

Advanced Co-Extrusion

  • Two and Three-Layer Expertise: Proficiency in two- and three-layer co-extrusion. 
  • Configurational Flexibility: Options for single or multiple stripes; outer or embedded configurations.

Versatile Diameter Options

  • Extensive Size Range: Diameters ranging from 0.002″ and up for inner diameters (I.D.). 
  • Multi-Lumen Configurations: Accommodation of multi-lumen configurations up to 0.5″ and single lumens up to 1.0″. 

Tailored Material Properties

  • Custom Compounding: Optimization of material properties, ensuring color consistency and radiopacity. 
  • Specialized Applications: Catering to unique needs such as over-extrusions, wire coating, and custom FEP heat shrink tubing. 

Specialized Extrusion Techniques

SPC/SQC reporting

Process Excellence

  • Documentation and Validation: Comprehensive SPC/SQC reporting for meticulous process documentation and validation. 

Irradiation Consultation

  • Enhancing Material Performance: Consultation services for irradiation, enhancing material sizing, and recovery ratios. 

Material Strength Characterization

  • Tensile Testing: Accurate material strength characterizations through rigorous tensile testing. 

Complete Development and Production Services

  • End-to-End Solutions: From development studies and engineering runs to seamless high-volume production. 

In-House Tooling Mastery

  • Precision in Manufacturing: Utilization of in-house tooling capabilities, ensuring efficiency and precision in manufacturing processes. 
For All Your

Custom Extrusion Needs

For over 30 years, Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.® has been your vertically integrated, full-service outsource partner, building a distinct reputation for delivering high-quality products in a timely fashion across every phase of the product development lifecycle for complex medical devices.

Specializing in the fabrication of single-lumen and multi-lumen tubing across a diverse range of thermoplastic materials, along with FEP heat shrink, sets us apart. Our clientele spans from startups and development houses to major device manufacturers, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Through our in-house tooling capabilities, we meticulously craft custom tubing tailored to your application. Committed to building enduring customer relationships, our focus remains steadfast on understanding and addressing your unique needs.

With three manufacturing facilities at your service, don't hesitate to reach out for further questions or request a quote today. Your satisfaction is our priority!

  • On-time delivery 
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified 
  • Engineering support 
  • In-house equipment and
    tooling manufacture
  • High production volumes 
  • 30+ years of experience 

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